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Border Patrol Armor

Each project, is individually analyzed and processed according to the requirements of the final user..

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Armor design to watercrafts

Specializes in the design and manufacturing of armor for military, corporate or personal use boats.

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Armor Quality

Armor is designed to support the most difficult environmental conditions and to preserve quality.

Military armor ships

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Armor ships to coastal patrol

Armor International is one of the most reliable manufacturers of watercraft protection systems. The company constructs its products by taking into account the needs of its customers on special operations. Coastguard and river patrols require the highest level of armor in order to deflect increased piracy and guerrilla attacks. These crafts need armored panels in order to resist multiple attacks from long-range weapons..

Each design can be adapted to any specific threat and multiattacks requirements.

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Armor resist multiple attacks from long-range weapons

The panels are commonly constructed armored HPPE compounds, covered with a fire retardant material and coated with a waterproof film. Armor International has high-tech equipment and personnel to repair any ballistic panel is been fired, or needs some modification.

For the armoring of ships and aircraft, is added an anti-vibration system, to protect ships and armor to constant vibrations inside the cabin.

The constant confrontations, we have become leaders in the field of armorings due to our products are constantly tested in the field by most of our customers.